Hunter Soper



Instructive- Animated Guide, Hurricanes



– This graphic is not only well illustrated but it also easy to follow and understand. Instead of using still pictures, flash is used so you can actually see the illustrations moving to better understand the story. The strengths of this package has to be the way it is portrayed and the easy navigation through the story. The only thing I would have liked them to have done differently is make the image a little bit bigger. It takes up such a small portion of the website and if it was bigger I believe it would have helped the stories cause.



Narrative- Space Shuttle Launch Simulation



– This 1 minute long video is packed full of useful and interesting information. It is very well illustrated throughout the entire length of the clip and constant large and easy to read text allows the viewer to easily understand the material. Most narratives use voice over to explain what is going on, instead, this video uses background noise of the takeoff and countdown which I believe helps with the story telling process. The strengths of this clip has to be the quality and amount of material discussed in such a short amount of time. The weaknesses, well, there aren’t any, except for the fact that this video was hard to find via the Internet.


Simulation- Fix The Budget



– Done in 2009, this well organized story package allows you to walk in the New York City mayor’s shoes. The game is well illustrated (for being 4 years old) and easy to understand as well as being pretty enjoyable to play. The strength of the story has to be how well the game applies to what the main portion of the story explains and for any weaknesses; they are few and far between. The only thing that would improve this story would be a nicer and more aesthetically appealing layout.


Journalistic Game- Cut Throat Capitalism



-The take on this topic is interesting to say the least. It is very easy to understand and fun to play (Since I looked at the clock and found out I had been playing for more than twenty minutes). The layout is simple but it is illustrated well which serves as the strength for this package. The message portrayed is quite fascinating, when one thinks of Somalian pirates you think of  Barbarians, but this game allows you to take a more in depth look at why they do what they do and the tactics practiced by the pirates.


Data Visualization- The World as 100 people



– This infographic is both aesthetically appealing and provides an interesting way to look at the diversity among people. The graph is well done and easy to understand due to the bold colors and easy-to-read font. The strengths of this data visualization has to be the simplicity and creativity of the entire piece. It draws your attention in and makes you read every statistic, leaving you saying “wow… I never knew would have thought that”. As for the weaknesses, there aren’t any. Its hard to critique something that’s done as well as this.


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